Company Profile

Main activity of the company is construction and production of low voltage electrical switchgear cabinets in both electrical and mechanical respects.

Production capabilities and facilities of the company enable the production of electrical switchgear cabinets and electrical enclosures from series to atypical ones, in piece or serial production.

There can be ensured other related services, above all obtaining material, final acceptance support, transport arrangement, packing, programming, electrical installations on site and alternatively producing according to UL 508A (CSA).

Among supplementary activities belongs surface treatment of metals by powder coating and locksmith production.

All processes of the company subordinate to standards ISO 9001:2008.

Production Capacity and Floor Space

electrical production

9 500 h/month. 3 200m2

locksmith production

3 700 h/month 1 700m2

Market areas are above all in sphere of investment construction of technological units and industrial production lines, mainly in aluminium, railway, textile, paper, food, mining and power industry.

More than 90% of all products are exported to countries of the European Union and Switzerland. Turnover of year 2016 was ca. 16.5 Mio. €.

Data from the commercial register in Czech are available on ARES or

Liability insurance is concluded by the company Allianz pojistovna, a.s.; you can download the certificate of insurance here.

SENCOSENCO Příbram spol. s r.o.
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Středočeský kraj


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