Powder Coating

Surface treatment of steel parts by powder coating is realized in own powder paint shop.

Dimensions of painted parts

maximum dimensions of parts:

    1400 x 850 x 6500mm

maximum weight of part:




steel, stainless sheet, zinc-coated steel

Possibilities of surface finish



any RAL

minimal layer thickness:


powder coating system:


one-layer or multi-layer

other services:


masking, sand blasting

Sand blasting can be arranged in cooperation.

Powder paint shop works in a standard way in a two-shift operation, it can be done to assure a three-shift operation if needed.

Powder coating technology

Technological process consists of degreasing, phosphating, water jetting, drying of parts for painting, powder paint application and its hardening.

Degreasing and phosphating is done by compounded water spraying and ferrous phosphate. These procedures are prerequisite for reaching of qualitative surface finish. Powder paint application takes place in the automatic line ITW Gema with the possibility of manual finish.

Advantages of powder coating technology:

  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Fine anticorrosive properties
  • High layer adhesion to the surface
  • Esthetical performance (colour resistance, regular layer thickness)
  • Environment-friendly

Paint stripping of metal parts

The parts could be paint stripped in the scope of our supply. It is done chemically in the alkaline bath. Dimensions of the stripping tank: 370x1520x505mm.

Painted products

Among most frequently painted products belong:

  • Electrical switchboard cabinets painting
  • Steel frames and constructions painting
  • Metal sheet parts painting
  • Steel pipes painting
  • Racks painting


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