Switchgear Manufacturing

Company is engaged in construction and production of electrical low voltage cabinets up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC rated voltage and 4000 A rated current.

Types of electrical cabinets supplied by our company

  1. Electrical cabinets for power supply and control of industrial machines
  2. Distribution Switchgears
  3. Compensation Switchgears
  4. Electrical cabinets of measuring and regulation (MaR)
  5. Control desks (desk switchboards)
  6. Electrical cabinets with approbation according to the standard UL 508A (CSA 22.2)
  7. Electrical cabinets with approbation according to the ATEX
  8. Pneumatic systems
  9. Projection & SW services

Mechanical design of electrical cabinets

Field of application of produced electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinets of our production are being used for power supply and control of machines and technological lines in wide range of industrial branches:

  1. Machines for food processing industry and beverage packaging equipment
  2. Pharmaceutical industry
  3. Automotive industry
  4. Industry of raw material processing (ore, stone, coal, wood, petrol, gas)
  5. Railway industry
  6. Textile industry
  7. Mining industry
  8. Paper and plastics processing industry
  9. Energy distribution

Additional services

These services include complete material supply on-demand, granting the background for the FAT / inspection, logistic services etc.


Product photos are available in photo gallery Switchgear Production.

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