Are you looking for a reliable and quality partner in electrical switchgear production?

SENCO Příbram is here for you!

We produce custom-made low voltage switchgear of up to 1000 VAC or 1500 VDC rated voltage and 4000 A rated current, especially for machines and production lines across all industries.

Your satisfaction is our priority, therefore every solution is subject to a thorough check in which we detect possible errors, propose a suitable solution and together we’ll bring your project to a successful end.

Long-term experience and stable customers are the advantages that make our Company an ideal choice for cooperation in your project.

Our Company supplies


Power switchgear and control of work machines

Control panels (panel switchgear)

Prototype assembly

UL 508A approved switchgear (CSA 22.2)

Pneumatic systems


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Mechanical design of switchgear design made by our Company

  • SENCO steel sheet metal type enclosures (incl. stainless steel)

  • Enclosures by other manufacturers (Rittal, Schneider Electric, EATON, etc.)

  • Atypical steel sheet metal enclosures (incl. stainless steel) according to customer requirements

  • Switchgear located in compact welded or modular booths

  • Switchgear located in technical or marine containers

Fields and industries for the application


Our switchgear is used in power supply and controlling machines and technology lines in a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Food industry

  • Special machinery

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Plastic and paper processing industry

  • Industrial processing of raw materials (metallic ores, stone, coal, wood, oil, gas)

Additional services

Providing background for taking delivery, providing transport, overseas packaging and more.


What kind of switchgear we are making?


The switchgear is primarily intended for the control and power supply of work machines and smaller technology lines. Examples are machine tools and metal forming machines, machines for processing raw materials (food, plastics, paper, wood, mineral resources), cranes, winches, industrial lines (freezing, packing, sorting lines, etc.).

Switchgear is commonly fitted with electronic control systems (PLC), switching and protection technology, frequency converters (VFD – Variable Frequency Drives), soft-starters, power supplies, safety modules, touch panels, etc.

Senco is certified by the independent Underwriters Laboratories certification company for UL 508A (Canadian equivalent to CSA 22.2) products. This certification enables us to manufacture switchgear for a wide range of applications intended for end customers requiring the above mentioned approvals (USA, Canada, Mexico and the like).

Control desks and panels are designed for control and control systems of working machines, technological lines, control and monitoring workplaces. They are manufactured according to customer requirements for ergonomics, way of operation (seated or standing), in common or hygienic design with a wide range of controls (touch panels (HMI), joysticks, etc.)

Full mounting of pneumatic systems.

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